A system for participatory design
It’s a modular system that allows you to create a lot of functions: table, pyramid, bench, or anything else you name! And bring it to life.
It turns design into a fun game that everyone can join. Yes, we know it’s a bit like a Minecraft experience in real life.
→ To use it, you need a team – it’s definitely a community-building tool!
Mix and Max is a spatial tool that allows almost anybody to create their designs. It’s a system of foam cubes and their plywood counterparts. You can easily connect them with rubber (foam) and a transportation belt (plywood) to create spatial objects. It can be used to prototype a space or as an educational tool to conduct workshops.
design team: Dominika Janicka, Anna Jankowska | collaborators: Institute of Design Kielce (client) + JODŁA (contractor) | date: 2017